Art and Design

Outline the department’s aim/vision and name of staff members and their role within the department.


Head of Department  -  Miss J Bunce

Teacher of Art & Design  -  Miss S Mussenden

Teacher of Art & Design  -  Mr K. Solomon-Ayeh

Teacher of Art & Design  -  Mrs J. Mosson

Teacher of Art & Design  -  Mr J Yates

Art Technician  -  Mr D Thomas


The Department of Art and Design provides pupils with exciting opportunities to explore, develop and learn creative and technical skills. Pupils are taught in mixed ability classes across Key Stages and are encouraged to appreciate the work of different cultures and artists and to express their own thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Students are encouraged to create highly personal outcomes and lead their own investigations at KS4 and KS5, effectively writing their own schemes of work.



Provide curriculum information for KS3, KS4 and KS5 such as the number of hours taught over the two week timetable, exam boards, SOW/progress grids (these can be hyperlinks or https), HW set, resources used in lessons and textbooks students/parents can purchase and use at home for revision & independent learning.

KS3 students are taught for three hours across the two-week timetable. Homework will be set once a fortnight and generally one-two hours’ worth of study is expected per task. Pupils follow a balanced and creative course of study in which they develop a variety of skills based on observation and imagination. All pupils are encouraged to explore a range of media and techniques, including painting and drawing, mixed media, 3D and design work.


KS4 students are set homework fortnightly and the expectation for working time is two-three hours per task. From Year 9 onwards, students are taught five times across the two-week timetable and follow a scheme of work devised to cover the Assessment Objectives as laid out by the AQA examination board. Students’ work will fit the criteria for their individual endorsement as below students are encouraged to create highly personal outcomes and lead their own investigations at KS4 and 5, effectively writing their own schemes of work.

KS5 students are independent in directing their own learning and like KS4, follow their own scheme of work to meet the four AQA Assessment Objectives. The expectation is between four to six hours a week of self-directed study as laid out by the North-East Consortium guidelines and students are taught three times per week with each lesson lasting 90 minutes



AQA GCSE Art and Design

GCSE specification can be found here



Edexcel GCE AS Art and Design

AS and A2 specification can be found here



Highlight all interventions taking place across the 3 key stages and extra-curricular activities available for Year 7 – 13. Include photos of trips, visits and seminars attended by students.

Intervention for Year 11 takes place once a week with the students’ class teacher.

Extra-Curricular sessions KS5 students attend regular life drawing sessions run by the department with a professional model. Sessions have proved invaluable to develop students drawing skills and portfolios. KS3 students are invited to attend a weekly art club run by department staff.



The department organises trips for students as follows;

Year 9 Art Day

Year 10 London Gallery Visits


At Year 11 and throughout the sixth form students are encouraged to organise their own visits to galleries, as directed by staff. In previous years the department has hosted international experiences visiting galleries in Paris and New York. The department has links with UAL and year 9 students take part in a Saturday club and graduate at the end of the academic year with work being displayed at Summerset house. Link




Provide links to useful subject specific websites for students at home with a brief outline of what they offer and how students can use these websites to consolidate and improve their understanding of the learning objectives in your subject. covers both the contemporary collections of the Tate Modern and the home of British art 1300- the present in Tate Britain, with both galleries located in central London.


Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art website of one of New York’s most famous galleries with collections to browse online.


Art Cyclopaedia Browse artists by movement, era, medium, Nationality etc.


The National Gallery website for the gallery located in Trafalagar Square famous for its collection of paintings 1300-1900 useful for Graphics students to explore a range of original type fonts.


BBC Bitesize  - website exploring “a day in the life” of creative practioners. See videos of what life is like as a real life designer or artist












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