Performing Arts


Head of Performing Arts:                    Mr D. Thorn

Teacher of Music:                                  Ms J Hogan


All Saints Catholic School has a thriving Performing Arts faculty that aims to challenge and stretch the students as performers as well as individuals through the disciplines of Drama, Music and Dance.

The faculty is an inclusive, stimulating environment, in which students are encouraged to fulfil their potential by way of acquiring and developing new skills and experiences within the framework of explaining, improvisation, rehearsal and performance.

The Performing Arts are a powerful tool that helps students understand the world they live in whilst nurturing self-confidence, spiritual, moral and cultural awareness and creativity. An enjoyable and varied curriculum is compulsory at KS3 with students participating in 3 hours of Performing Arts lessons per fortnight.

Key Stage 3 Performing Arts


At KS3 we aim to introduce students to a range of topics and issues that stimulate and educate. Students explore many different topics such as Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Greek Theatre, and real life issue based stories around the theme of bullying where students explore empathy and apply what they learn outside of the classroom. Within each scheme of work students are introduced to a full range of drama techniques such as Physical theatre, Mime and the explorative strategies which students develop through their 2 years of KS3.


Within music, students learn key skills which they will need when studying GCSE Music. This includes how to construct pieces of music through basic composition techniques and exploring key genres such as the blues and film scores. Our Music Centre is always busy and a hub of activity as students prepare for the various concerts and performances we present.



Extracurricular Drama and Music plays an important role within the life of All Saints Catholic School. Alongside the traditional subject interventions held for both GCSE Drama and Music, and our KS3 Drama club, we have annual music events such as our magical Christmas Concert and our Primary School Cultural Connections project based on the Windrush Generation.


In 2019, following the huge success of our first large scale All Saints School Production of the smash hit musical ‘We Will Rock You’ we are excited to be announcing auditions for the musical 'Hairspray' and we are incredibly excited to be taking our audience back to the swinging 60's and downtown Baltimore.


 Director of Performing Arts, Mr. Thorn said of the production “The cast, crew and band have worked tirelessly to bring the script and score by Queen and Ben Elton from page to stage. Combining all the components needed for a musical means that the students of All Saints have been developing new skills in drama, dance, music, singing, design and construction at lunchtimes, after school and at weekends. Star performances include Jessica Hernandez as Scaramouche, Sebastian Guina as Galileo Figaro and Kwesi Assan as the terrifying Killer King!” The show has played to a sold-out audience for three nights and marks the start of the annual school production at All Saints School.




Drama is an extremely popular option choice at All Saints Catholic School with students participating in 5 hours of drama per-fortnight. Students study the Edexcel GCSE drama syllabus in which students explore a whole variety of themes, stimuli and topics that aim to develop and refine their skillset even further.

Students are assessed practically through their practical drama work, coursework and then sit a final written exam. The breakdown of the course click on the following link:


GCSE Drama allows students to develop not only their performance skills, but also their group working skills as well as building their cultural capital. Previous Drama students have gone on to study at top universities and into a diverse range of careers, from nursing to teaching, performance to law and many more.



GCSE Music is offered at All Saints Catholic School with students studying a range of skills which help them grow as performers, composers and music academics. Students participate in 5 hours of music per-fortnight and study the AQA GCSE music syllabus. They will learn about the history of music from Beethoven and Haydn; experiencing different cultures such as African and Latin fusion music and explore the world of Pop music looking at diverse eras such as progressive rock, psychedelic pop and dance music.

Students are assessed practically through their solo and ensemble performance examinations and will compose two pieces of music for coursework submission. For more information click on link the following:




All Saints Catholic School will be preparing to deliver BTEC Performing Arts from September 2018.

At KS5 we will offer BTEC level 3 Extended Certificate in Performing Arts, this will be offered as a single award (worth 1 A-Level). Students studying BTEC Performing Arts are exposed to a wide range of varying disciplines within the Performing Arts sector.

Students begin by exploring Professional Practice of the Performing Arts, in which students will study key practitioners (Brecht and Stanislavski) and styles of Theatre Performance. Then students will move on to create a Community Theatre Project in which they will tackle an issue affecting young people and create an outreach theatre piece which they will deliver to the local community. Finally, students move on to preparation for a career in the Performing Arts sector including Audition skills, gaining an agent, how to gain funding and other key skills.

Students develop their understanding of Theatre as a form of expression and entertainment but also learn how theatre can be a vehicle for social change. Students work with teachers and visiting practitioners as well as working independently as a Theatre company devising from script as well as existing scripts.



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