Design and Technology

Head of Department: Mr A Cornwell

Head of Food Technology : Mrs M Merchant

Teacher of Design & Technology:  Ms S Hunter

Teacher of Design & Technology:  Miss A Said

Teacher of Design & Technology:  Mrs L Armstrong

Technician :  Mr R Palmer

Technician :  Miss L Liquori



Design and Technology shows students how to design and make products that met people’s needs. It is a challenging subject that enables them to:

• Design and make quality products

• Become problem solvers

• Develop an enquiring and open mind

• Understand the impact of design upon our environment



Year 7:

Food and Nutrition:

Pupils have an introduction to the Food room, Pupils will learn new skills to prepare a wide range of practical food outcomes.



Students gain a firm understanding of workshop health and safety, new skills are developed in the use of workshop machines and tools. Pupils will apply these new skills to make a wooden sweet machine and a 3D Graphical poster


Year 8:

Food and Nutrition:

Further development of skills with preparing food products, pupils will gain a good understanding of healthy eating and food preparation



Pupils further develop workshops skills and focus on problem solving and testing. Pupils will learn how to mark out materials with accuracy and how to assemble a product. Pupils will make a Wooden Block bot and study Textiles to make a bean bag



GCSE Food and Nutrition:

Pupil start their GCSE by developing high level skills in Food and Nutrition. Pupils not only look at the preparation of food but also the science behind it. Pupils will make a wide range of practical outcomes to develop skills for their GCSE coursework. GCSE coursework counts towards 50% of their Final grade, Pupils will then sit an end of year exam for the reminder 50


GCSE Technology

Pupils will student all the key areas of Technology ( resistant materials, Graphic products, Electronics & textiles), Through a wide range of practical’s ranging from Retro smart phone folders, MP3 amplifier speaker kits and interior design, Pupils will develop higher level skills ready for their GCSE coursework. GCSE coursework counts towards 50% of their Final grade, Pupils will then sit an end of year exam for the reminder 50%


A Level Product Design:

New this Year is A Level Product design, allowing pupils to study Design at a higher level and undertake professional Design problems and projects



Year 10 – Wembley stadium trip- Link to celebrate learning project

Prop club- Pupils design and make a range of movie props

Formula E car- Pupils build and race an electric car

STEM rocket car competition



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