Exam Information and Results 2017

Exam Letter - April 2018


GCSE Results 2017 - Best ever results


Congratulations to Year 11 on their amazing achievements in these GCSE examinations.

• 78% achieved 9-4 in both English and Maths (63% average for Barking and Dagenham)

• 76% achieved 9-4 in both English and Maths with 3 other A*-C grades (69.1% in 2016)

• 79% achieved 9-4 in Maths (69.9% National average)

• 95% achieved 9-4 in English Literature and 87% in English Language (69.9% National average)

• 21 Grade 9s across English and Maths

• 27% of grades are 9-7 (new grading), 24% of grades are A*/A (legacy grades)


 “We are all so proud of our year 11 and what they have achieved.  In a year of great change in education they have proved that they have great determination and resilience.  They worked incredibly hard and were all a pleasure to work with.  It is also great that a majority of our year 11 are returning to complete their A levels with us and based on the A level results we achieved this year we expect great things from them.  As well as congratulating our students I must congratulate and thank our staff who go above and beyond to ensure all our pupils achieve their full potential.”


Clare Cantle


Exam Information and Results 2016


Progress 8 score = 0.31


This is a value added measure, a score of 0 would be the expected outcome nationally. A score of 1 would mean that the average student obtained an average of 1 grade higher than expected.


This year the measure will be published for the first time by the DfE for all schools. It will replace the 5+ A*-C measures that were used previously.


Attainment 8 score 54.2 points

% of pupils achieving a good pass in English and Maths 70%

Average grade at 16-19 study Academic = C (30.83 pts), Applied General = Distinction *- (42.88 pts)


The Department for Education publishes the official performance tables. The most recent data that they have published is for the results achieved in the summer of 2016


The link below will take you directly to our page on their website.





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