Head of Department:    Mr. T Portch

Teacher of Geography:  Mr P Harkin

Teacher of Geography:  Ms J O'Rourke


Geography brings us all down to Earth. It gives other subjects a sense of place. We create our geography, and yet we are affected by geography. Geography, it's a world thing.


In the Geography Department, we aim to develop students' knowledge and understanding of the world around them, at a variety of scales. Students are encouraged to develop their own opinions on a wide range of issues, and to consider alternative points of view. Students study a mix of human, physical and environmental geography and there is a strong emphasis on geographical skills throughout all key stages.




KS3:The students have 3 hours of geography over the fortnight. Homework is set on a weekly basis, and is uploaded to Show My Homework.


In Year 7, the students study the following topics:

• Dangerous Geography

• Wild Weather

• People Everywhere

• Future Cities

• Rocky Road

• World of Maps


In Year 8, the students study the following topics:

• Water World

• Making Money

• Run for it

• Iceland, Land of Fire and Ice

• Energy Matters

• International Development



KS4: Years 9, 10 and 11 all follow the AQA GCSE course in Geography


( The students have 5 hours of geography over the fortnight, with homework being set once a week and uploaded onto Show My Homework.


The GCSE course is split into 3 units.


Unit 1: Living with the Physical Environment.

• The Challenge of Natural Hazards

• The Living World

• Physical Landscapes in the UK


Unit 2: Challenges in the Human Environment

• Urban Issues and Challenges

• The Changing Economic World

• The Challenge of Resource Management


Unit 3: Geographical Applications

• Issue Evaluation (based on pre-released material)

• Fieldwork

• Geographical Skills


All students start the course studying a unit on geographical skills and issues, to develop their ability to think like a geographer and to prepare for the GCSE course. The students then carry out an independent project investigating microclimates around the school before starting the GCSE topics.


We use the Oxford University Press textbook (titled "GCSE Geography AQA") in class, but textbooks are also produced by Cambridge University Press (titled "GCSE Geography for AQA") and Hodder Education (titled "AQA GCSE (9-1) Geography"). All are available from bookshops and online retailers.


In the Sixth Form, students will follow the AQA A Level course in Geography ( The students will have 5 hours of lessons every week, with homework being set weekly. There are two exams which are sat at the end of Year 13 and a coursework element which is completed by the December of Year 13. Students will study the following topics:


Year 12

• Water and Carbon Cycles

• Changing Places

• Hazards


Human Geography:

• Global Systems and Global Governance

• Hot Desert Systems and Landscapes

• Population and the Environment


Geographic skills are incorporated throughout the course, and are also tested in the exams.



Textbooks Used

• "A/AS Level Geography for AQA Student Book" by Cambridge University Press.


• "AQA A-level Geography Fourth Edition" by Hodder Education.


• "AQA Geography A Level and AS Physical Geography Student Book" by Oxford University Press.


• "AQA Geography A Level and AS Human Geography Student Book" by Oxford University Press.


All books are available from bookshops and online retailers.




Field trips:

A fieldtrip for Key Stage 3 (Year 7 and 8) will be arranged.

For GCSE, the students will have 2 field trips, one investigating a human geography issue in Brentwood, and the other a physical geography issue (TBC).


In the sixth form, students have to spend at least 4 days conducting fieldwork. This includes an investigation of the character of Romford town centre, the operation of  water and carbon cycles in Eastbrookend Country Park and their own data collection for their fieldwork.


The department has also organises an international visit to Iceland for GCSE and A Level students.



The department runs a weekly intervention session for Year 11 students, and a fortnightly session for Years 10 and 9. This enable students to receive extra support in topics that they have struggled to understand, catch up with any missed work, and complete homework tasks with the help of a geography teacher. There are also surgery sessions for Sixth Form students to support their learning.



USEFUL WEBSITES The new BBC Bitesize website for GCSE Geography. Has a variety of revision topics and video clips. Has a range of information for students for all ages. Currently being updated to reflect the changes to GCSE and A Level. CIA’s World Factbook. Regularly updated. Has a range of facts and figures about the countries of the world. Home of the Geographical Association. Has a large amount of resources suitable for all. Learn how to use Google Earth’s different features. Has tutorials for all levels. One of Mr. Portch’s favourite websites. A range of quizzes and games to improve geographical knowledge.






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