Head of Department:                        Mrs L.Mouaraki

Second in Department:                     Mrs Pueyo

Teacher of French and Spanish:       Ms J. Dupuy


Why learn another language? Speaking a second language will…

• Open Up a World of Job Opportunities

• Help you become a Better Learner

• Give Your Brain a Boost

• Allow you to get an Outsider’s Perspective about Your Own Culture

• Help you stay Smart in Touristic Areas


The MFL Department is a dedicated and enthusiastic team who work collaboratively to provide an enjoyable, engaging and relevant learning experience for students. Department members constantly strive to raise student achievement and offer students every opportunity to develop confidence and independence.



Provide curriculum information for KS3, KS4 and KS5 such as the number of hours taught over the two week timetable, exam boards, SOW/progress grids (these can be hyperlinks or https), HW set, resources used in lessons and textbooks students/parents can purchase and use at home for revision & independent learning.



Lessons: 4 hours every 2 weeks

Homework: Once every 2 weeks

Textbooks: Equipe Nouvelle 1 for y7

Equipe Nouvelle 2 for y8

See attached progress grid



5 hours every 2 weeks

Exam board: AQA

Once every week (one learning and one writing/reading)

AQA textbooks/ kerboodle

Schemes of work include

Y9: Me, my family and friends, Technology in everyday life, Free-time activities, Custom and festival in French speaking countries

Y10: Home, town, neighbourhood and region, Social issues, Global issues

Y11: My studies, Life at school / college, Education post 16, Job, Career choices and ambitions, Travel and Tourism



Highlight all interventions taking place across the 3 key stages and extra-curricular activities available for Year 7 – 13. Include photos of trips, visits and seminars attended by students.



Y8 – European language day in September

Subscription to French or Spanish magazine

Day trip to Boulogne with visit of Chocolate factory, visit of old town and meal in French restaurant

French corner with magazines, newspapers and books available in French

French club once a week lunch time

Spanish club once a week lunch time

Language corner with magazines, newspapers and books available in French and Spanish

Reading in partnership once a week to develop reading skills



Extra lessons throughout the year for y11 starting in October before school once a week

Extra revision class held before exam

Four-day trip to Paris examples of visits: theme park, tour of Paris by coach, Montmartre area, Eiffel Tower, Stade de France, cruise on river Seine shopping centre in Calais, medieval town in Provins…

Y10 Conference on how to get grade A*- A at GCSE (French and Spanish)

Subscription to French or Spanish magazine

Language corner with magazines, newspapers and books available in French and Spanish

Reading in partnership once a week to develop reading skills



Near-peer mentoring (with language university student)



Revision of vocab:

(need to register but it is free)

(simple vocab, foundation paper only)



Listening and reading activities:



Reading and listening texts:

(no need to register, just watch free videos)


Learn about French culture:


Why learn languages?



Reading in partnership

A group of y8 meets once a week to practise their reading skills for 30 min before school. They are paired with a y10 student and together they read a story book all in French . Once they have read part of the story they discussed with the y10 student what they understood, practise their pronunciation, learn new vocabulary and write a summary of the story as well. Not only do they develop their reading and speaking skills but also build up their confidence and become more independent in their learning. If you wish to participate a swell, come and see Mrs Mouaraki. Well done y8s!


Every term, the MFL Department offers the opportunity to students who want to develop their reading skills to subscribe to a specific magazine that suits their reading ability. Both “¿Qué tal?” and “Allons-y” are full of engaging articles about Spanish and French culture. Each article includes key vocabulary and mini activities that students can complete to develop their understanding skills in the target language. In the picture we can see some Yr. 7 students who have subscribed to the French magazine, reading different articles and sharing their opinions about them.


This term, students involved in the Spanish club have been perfecting the use of the conditional tense though quizzes and exam style questions. Every Wednesday at lunch time, native Spanish speakers have been meeting up in room C2 to develop their grammar skills in order to achieve a better result in their GCSE exams. This term students have also carried on with their reading activities. In the picture we can see them reading their books and sharing their opinions.






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