Head of PE:  Mrs C Manning


PE Teacher:  Mrs D Lovett

PE Teacher:  Mrs J Sheehan

PE Teacher:  Miss G Scott

PE Teacher:  Mr P Keating

PE Teacher:  Mr J Siva

PE Teacher/ Head of Year 8:   Mr F Williams

PE Teacher/ Head of Year 11: Mr S Lucraft


In PE our aim it to encourage everyone to enjoy being physically active and carry on participating in sport in some way when they leave All Saints School.



KS3 & KS4 Core

All Students have 2 hours of PE per week



GSCE PE have 5 lessons over 2 weeks (1 practical and 4 theory)

Examination board AQA GCSE PE

70% Theory / 30% practical

Homework set via - Show My Homework and GCSE POD

Course Specification:

Past papers:



OCR Cambridge National Level 2

Cambridge Nationals - 5 lessons over 2 weeks.  Theory and Practical varying depending on units.

Examination Board - OCR Cambridge

4 Units taught over KS4


R054   -    Sport and the Media                    -   Internal Assignment

R051   -    Contemportary Issues in Sport   -   External Assessment

R053   -    Sports Leadership                         -   Internal Assignment

R052   -    Developing Sports Skills              -   Internal Assignment


Homework set via - Show My Homework

Course specification:

Past Papers:



OCR Cambridge Technical Level 3 - Extended Certificate in Sport and Physical Activity - equivalent to

1 A Level


Areas covered:

Body systems and the effects of physical activity – Exam Yr12

Sports coaching and activity leadership – coursework Y12

Sports organisation and development – Exam Yr13

Organisation of sports events – coursework Yr13

Practical skills in sports and physical activities – coursework Yr13


Homework set via – Show My Homework

Past Papers and Course details can be accessed:



Books - Cambridge Technicals level 3 Sport and Physical Activity by Helen Bray and Scott Chapman



KS4 intervention session on Monday after school (Both practical and theoretical)

All photos of fixtures are sent to Susan Edwards and Nick Pauro for website and news letter. Photos are not kept by teachers




Course specification:

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