Pupil Support Team

As part of our Pastoral Care Policy at All Saints Catholic School and Technology College, we provide a counseling service for members of our student body.


Parents, students or members of staff can request a referral for an appointment if they feel any pupil would benefit from a session with a trained counsellor and counselling sessions are confidential.

Below is some information about the Brentwood Catholic Children’s Society who provide our school with two trained social workers every week.


The Brentwood Catholic Children’s Society provides a caring, professional service to children and families.  The social workers are based in schools to help support children who may be experiencing difficulties at home or in school.  They work closely with the staff and parents.  The majority of the referrals come form the schools, although some may come from other sources.


The Society offers practical, emotional and psychological support to families in need through our team of qualified and trained social workers.  This is irrespective of race or religion.


We aim to give the children the opportunity to talk in confidence to a trained worker to help them to rebuild their confidence and self-esteem.


If you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s development or behaviour, you are invited to contact the Society or to make a referral through the Head Teacher.


The telephone number for the Brentwood Catholic Children’s Society is 01268 784544


Brentwood Catholic Children’s Society website http://www.childcareuk.org/home/



Student Support


The Student Support Team consist of Mr. Powell and Miss. Hall and we are located at the end of the main corridor just before you get to the sports hall.  In Student Support we have supported students through their school life at All Saints from  social and emotional aspects , to help with study skills and barriers to learning . Our mentoring  can run from 6-12 weeks as a structured programme , a short term intensive piece of work or sometimes just an informal “one off “ where students can work through their issues . Over the past three years we have supported more than 150 students and we are proud to see how some our students have grown and matured , moving on to university as young women and men . Our door is always open to all students at All Saints


Peer mentoring


The Peer Mentors are a group of students in Year 10 who are here to support year 7s on their new journey at All Saints. The Peer mentors offer support around things such as study skills, friendships and any other issues that they may be experiencing.  You can see the peer mentors around the school during break and lunch and during school line-ups. They are visible by their blue badges that they will have pinned on their blazers.



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