Religious Life of the School

Head of Department: Mr R. Gabrasadig

Teacher of RE/Lead Practioner: Miss N. McGuiness

Teacher of RE/Lead Practioner: Mr N. Pauro

Teacher of RE: Miss L. Bateman

Teacher of RE: Miss C. Doyle

Teacher of RE: Miss M. Salama

Teacher of RE: Ms. S. Yeboah

Teacher of RE: Mr. M. Charles

  • Teacher of RE:  Miss M Terry
  • Teacher of RE:  Mr P Willis
  • The RE Department aims to deliver high-quality Catholic Religious Education and was delighted that the last Section 48 inspection by the Diocese of Brentwood rated the Religious Education provision within the school as Outstanding. Our vision is for all pupils to enjoy and experience interesting, challenging and uplifting lessons where they are encouraged and enable to think and reason independently and maturely with developing religious literacy that will serve not only to guide them on their personal faith journey but equip them to learn about religion and learn from religion.  We aim to be passionately Catholic and academically excellent.
  • Provide curriculum information for KS3, KS4 and KS5 such as the number of hours taught over the two week timetable, exam boards, SOW/progress grids (these can be hyperlinks or https), HW set, resources used in lessons and textbooks students/parents can purchase and use at home for revision & independent learning.




In Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 pupils are allocated the statutory minimum of 10% of their curriculum devoted to Religious Education in a Catholic school, which translates as 5 one-hour lessons in a 50-hour two-week timetable. Pupils are also expected to complete one RE homework per fortnight.


Key Stage 3 – People of God


At Key Stage 3 we have begun to follow the brand new People of God programme recommended by the Bishops of England and Wales and by the Diocese of Brentwood. This is an online course without a published textbook which grows according to central provision but also, excitingly, by participant contribution.

Students are given the opportunity to study the following units in the people of God course: Who is God? Who is Jesus? Promises, Covenant People, Hinduism Project and Judaism Project.


Key Stage 4 – Edexcel – Catholic Christianity with Judaism


Our extended Key Stage 4 provision follows the Catholic Annex of the latest 2016 Religious Education course approved for GCSE examination by QCA and the CES, through the route directed by the Bishop of Brentwood, namely through a study of Catholic Christianity, Philosophy and Ethics topics including Marriage and Family Life and the Jewish faith as second religion studied; the examination board is Edexcel.

Students are given the opportunity to study the following units in the Edexcel GCSE course: Catholic Beliefs and Teachings, Catholic Practices, Forms of Expression and Ways of Life Sources of Wisdom and Authority. Jewish Beliefs and Teachings, Jewish Practices, Arguments for the Existence of God and Relationships and Family Life in the 21st Century.


Key Stage 5 – General RE and OCR A Level


Our Key Stage 5 provision encompasses both General Sixth Form RE and Advanced Level studies.  All students in our Sixth Form take a course in General Sixth Form RE which makes up the statutory 5% of their timetable. The course consists of 5 units in Year 12, Catholic Church Moral Teaching, Religion and Society, Religion and the Media, War and Peace and Crime and Punishment. In Year 13 we deliver the course in partnership with CAFOD, Pax Christi and Aylesford Priory.

For the new 2016 AS / A level we teach the OCR course in Religious Studies, with units on Philosophy of Religion, Religious Ethics and Foundations of Christian Thought. The textbook around which we work is the “Oxford A Level Religious Studies for OCR:  AS and Year 1 Student Book: Christianity and Philosophy and Ethics: Year 1” by Robert Bowie and Libby Ahluwalia.


An intervention slot for GCSE revision is set aside on Fridays after school. This is also a drop down session where A level students can find a learning environment to work in and a member of RE staff to support their essay writing and studies.

Rosary takes place every break time other than Wednesday in E5.

Holy Mass is celebrated in the Chapel every Friday from 8:10am.

Student education is supplemented with trips and external speakers who come in to make Religious Education come alive.


Useful Websites provides the Lord’s Prayer in hundreds of languages and also, in excellent definition, the frescos of the Sistine Chapel including Michelangelo’s Last Judgement. (Reasons why people believe in God) is just one of Mr McMillan’s “REvise” short videos revising a unit of the Edexcel GCSE Religion and Life specification.  Year 11 students will find these short videos entirely helpful for their revision.  They relate to Unit 3 rather than Unit 2 but all the Unit 3 material is also relevant for our study of Unit 2. Others videos include:  (Abortion) Beliefs on Life after Death) (Marriage and family Life) (Community Cohesion) (Euthanasia) (Reasons some people do not believe in God) (Discrimination and prejudice) (Roles of men and women) (Multi-faith society) (Religions and community cohesion) (Reasons for atheism) (Christian response to atheism) (Divorce) (World Poverty)




All Saints 6th Formers invited to meet His Holiness Pope Francis     ( Click here to see photos )


 In early October our pupils and staff were blessed to have been invited to take part in the Synod held in Vatican City, chaired by Pope Francis, who wanted to hear young voices and their concerns. The event it self was the highlight of a tour that took in the sites of Ancient Rome, Renaissance palaces, museums, galleries and of course Italy's numerous cuisine hot spots! Our pupils also enjoyed Mass at the seminary of the Venerable English College given by His Eminence Cardinal Vincent Nichols. Their testimony was heard in Rome and shared back in school upon their return when everybody wanted to know just what meeting the Pope had been like.




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