Religious Life of the School



Take our Burdens, Lord, give us your peace.

Take our frustrations, Lord, give us your strength.

Hold Our Hopes, Lord, give us your courage.


Fill us with your joy.


Our Chaplain, Doug Mongan organises;

  • Prayer time for form groups.
  • Masses throughout the year for all the year groups and the important feasts and celebrations of our faith.
  • Services of the Word and Holy Communion.
  • Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.
  • Personal/Private Prayer
  • Thursday Assemblies with form groups.
  • Morning Form-time Prayer for Registration and Liturgical Calendar.


Alongside this, our Chaplain arranges retreats for our year 7s and 13s, with a view to expanding this to other year groups either on or off-site.


He also promotes diocesan youth events with the students, and provides them with a variety of ways to express their faith. Actively encourages students to participate on Pilgrimages to Lourdes either at Easter with HCPT (Handicapped Children’s Pilgrimages Trust.) or the Diocese in the Summer.


Our Chaplain also organizes, the Rosary to be said during May and October and more spiritual activities during Advent and Lent. He also organises a Memorial Basket and a service for people who wish to remember those who have died during the month of November.


We are also developing our Sacrament of Reconciliation programme, where our students have the opportunity of celebrating this Sacrament at least once a year.


We also hold a Sunday lunch and an afternoon of entertainment for the older generations from our neighbouring parishes, at some point during spring. The people who come are taken care of by our volunteer students, served food by them, and entertained by them. It is a wonderful day in which the pupils, staff and elderly really enjoy. The students are amazing every year and are a complete credit to our school.


He is also available and willing to talk to any pupil or staff member about anything, faith wise or not.


Aspire not to have more but to be more

St. Oscar Romero


(Links to BCYS; Vocations; Diocese would be good)



‘Look out for one another’s interests, not just your own.’

Philippians 2:4


Our Chaplain is responsible for the charity work undertaken by the pupils of All Saints School.


Every Advent we hold a sponsored silence, raising money for CAFOD’s World Gifts scheme. The pupils raise as much money as they can, then if they raise enough money for a gift we will buy one for them, if not it all goes into a central pool and the school as a whole buys something.


We have also added to the fun by the sixth form holding a RAG week with various events, from fairy football to the sour sweet competition, to sumo wrestling. This way our sixth form are able to integrate more with our younger pupils and it provides for a fun, charity giving, spirit around the school.


This Christmas (2016) we raised 3 , 808.47


During Advent 2016 we also collected money for BCCS (Brentwood Catholic Children’s Society); through our Annual Carol Concert and this year (2016) a staff pantomime.


We also take part in CAfOD Harvest and Lenten Collections.





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