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Head of Social Science:       Miss S Fontaine

Teacher of Psychology/RE: Miss Terry



Within Social Science students are encouraged to critically analyse human behaviour and the society they live in. In Sociology we encourage our students to challenge the inequalities within society covering topics around gender race and class. In Psychology Students are provided with the opportunity to question human behaviour in a scientific way, for example is aggression learnt behaviour or the product of an individual’s biological make up?


Our Vision for the department is to provide our students with all the vital skills needed, so that they enter the world of work or higher education as highly competent, motivated Psychologists or Sociologists equipped with excellent analytical and reasoning skills.



Sociology: AQA Exam Board

Sociologists are interested in why society works in the way that it does and the extent to which our behaviour and opportunities can be shaped by our social class, age, gender and ethnicity. We question the society in which we live in order to understand the relationship between individuals and institutions such as the media, the education system, the criminal justice system, the political systems, belief systems such as religion, and the family.


By critically studying the way that our everyday lives are affected by and related to such institutions, A level Sociology seeks to provide students with the necessary “tools” to analyse and evaluate information, understand historical social development, form coherent written arguments, make decisions and form judgements about themselves and the world around them which will be of lasting value for the successful navigation of their future.’


Topics Studied:

• Year 12- Families and Households/ Education/ Research Methods

• Year 13- Crime & Deviance/ Beliefs in Society/ Sociological Theory




What our students say about sociology:

‘Sociology is an interesting subject, compact with many views and beliefs which may oppose or support your own. Despite the subject being packed with content, it is thought-provoking and allows you to open up and broaden your own views on life and society – we have lots of class debates which is really fun’


Psychology: AQA Exam Board

Psychology is the study of human behaviour. This course will provide students with a general introduction to psychological theory, research and application.  It encourages students to explore how science works by carrying out practical investigations that are applicable to real life. At the end of this course students will have a better understanding of why humans behave the way they do.  We have chosen, thought provoking and exciting topics within the field of psychology that allows students to gain deeper understanding of their own behaviour. This is done via in class tests and experiments in which we answer question such as; do you follow the crowd or are you a leader? What type of partner will you be in your future romantic relationships? Can you rely on your memory if you witnessed a crime?


Topics Studied:

• Year 12- Social Psychology (conformity), Cognitive Psychology (Memory), Developmental psychology (Attachment), Psychopathology, Approaches & Research Methods.

• Year 13- Issues & Debates, Biological Psychology, Inferential Statistics, Schizophrenia, Gender & Aggression.

The course requires students to show skills of application, analysis, interpretation, evaluation and analysis in dealing with psychological concepts and data.





What our Students say about Psychology:

‘Psychology lessons include a lot of oooooooh and ahhhhh moments, I often the things that I learn in class relate to situations I experience in my everyday life.  It is scientific so there are some lessons that are difficult but the teachers ensure everyone fully understands before we move on which is very helpful’



Throughout the year students will get the opportunity to go on full day revision trips, which are delivered by the exam board.


Social Science Independent Study club – This is compulsory for some students, but all students are welcome, they are provided with extra support from teachers, whereby they are able to revise, answer exam questions or review topics that they want further help with.





The exam board website with the specification example exam papers


Printable worksheets and activities that coincide with the core textbook



The exam board website with the specification and example exam papers


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